ACG 150

The ACG150 Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoELST) has entered into an agreement with the Greek Energy Forum (GEF) to explore the Energy Industry Sector state of the art and disseminate this knowledge to the public. The Greek Energy Forum is an international, dynamic not-for-profit organization, comprising a diverse group of energy professionals and academics that share a common interest and passion for the broader energy, shipping and hydrocarbons industries in Greece and Southeastern Europe.

The cooperation was formalized by signing a Memorandum of Understanding defining the framework of the collaboration, including the following areas but not limited to:

  • Development and Publication of Reports, Whitepapers, Opinion Documents, Articles, etc. ACG shall establish teams of students to work on the focus areas, as per GEF’s direction.  The student teams shall be closely supervised by ACG faculty and shall work on the development of the upcoming reports.
  • Co-hosting of events relevant to Energy Interests (indicatively: production, storage, transport & supply chain, consumption, conservation, sustainability) at the ACG Premises and elsewhere. Events could include seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, and so on.
  • Co-organize an event at the ACG Premises, announcing our strategic partnership, disseminating relevant work performed by both GEF and ACG, and announcing the upcoming Energy Academy (in Q3 2023) at the ACG premises. The Energy Academy is an interactive energy seminar, where graduates and young students from the energy sector have the opportunity to participate in a string of live talks and workshops provided by energy experts.
  • Development and support for the submission of research funding proposals

The first set of activities is already being prepared with the delivery of a series of Energy Informational Seminars.