ACG 150

The Center of Excellence in Sustainability has joined the ARSINOE EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Climate-resilient regions through systemic solutions and innovations’, as a key stakeholder for the case study of the Athens Metropolitan Area. Dr. Stella Apostolaki, Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Sustainability participated in the 1st Living Lab of ARSINOE for the Athens Metropolitan Area that took place in Athens on May 27, 2022.

The ARSINOE project will build an ecosystem for solutions to climate change adaptation and will shape the pathways to resilience by bringing together SIA (Systems Innovation Approach) and CIW (Climate Innovation Window) with the purpose to build an ecosystem for climate change adaptation solutions. The aim of the EU-funded ARSINOE project is to leverage innovation for climate adaptation across a series of key systems – from biodiversity to flooding and sea-level rise and from droughts and water scarcity to heatwaves and deforestation and to show the way towards a green, digital, inclusive, resilient and sustainable future. This approach is showcased in nine demonstrators, with the Athens Metropolitan Area being the reference case study of the project, as a proof-of-concept with regards to its applicability, replicability, potential and efficacy.