ACG 150

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and our commitment to empowerment and gender equality, The American College of Greece teamed up with the Rise Club Non-Profit Organization to put together the half-day conference “ELEVATE HER: Empowering Mothers in a Changing World.”

The half-day conference commenced with an array of inspiring keynote speakers, who shared their personal journeys and provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by women, highlighting their boundless potential. Every talk connected with the audience, making them feel determined to overcome difficulties and make their dreams come true. The event, supported by the ACG Office of Sustainability, Public Affairs and the ACG Center of Excellence in Sustainability, was dedicated to inspiring and empowering mothers and women professionals.

Throughout the panel discussions, we heard some truly inspiring stories from moms who faced tough times but never gave up. We delved into the crucial topic of mental health, recognizing the unique challenges that women and mothers often grapple with. We also shed light on the best practices for mothers’ well-being, practices already embraced by companies. These practices not only support them at work but also emphasize the importance of upskilling and reskilling strategies.

If you would like to learn more about this event and watch the panel discussions, click here.