ACG 150

Deree – ACG and KPMG study highlights the value of organizations investing in people analytics for their continuous growth

Lately, people analytics – the practice of collecting, analyzing and using data to improve the role of talent in strategy execution and value creation (Huselid, 2018), has gotten a lot of hype and even won mainstream acceptance. In fact, research proves that people analytics can significantly enhance the ability of organizations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Yet little is known about the adoption, practice and impact of people analytics on firms operating in the Greek business environment. What is its impact on organizational performance? To answer this question, KPMG Greece collaborated with a team led by Deree Associate Professor of Human Resources Management and Member of the Institute for Hellenic Growth and Prosperity (IHGP), Dr. Konstantinos Tasoulis, on a study to examine people’s analytics’ adoption in Greece, the underlying reasons, the challenges involved, the key enablers, and the impact of people analytics on organizational performance.

Read the findings of the study here.