ACG 150

Andreas Robotis, PhD

Operations & Technology Management, Supply Chain Management
Program Coordinator, Supply Chain Management, Faculty Member, Deree - ACG



INSEAD, France
Doctor of Philosophy in Operations and Technology Management

University of Southern California (USC), USA
MSc in Electrical Engineering

University of Southern California (USC), USA
MSc in Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Research Area: Operations & Technology Management, Supply Chain Management

RTIN’s Operations & Technology Management/Supply Chain Management area covers the field of operations, logistics and supply chain management. Historically, the area focused on matching supply and demand of product and services, eliminating waste in operations, quality control and 6-sigma quality, inventory management, facility location, lean operations, Toyota production systems,  and scheduling. With the recent developments in Industry 4.0, to achieve the goal of matching supply and demand, supply chain management forecasting practices have developed to include theories and tools from information technology and data science for business by combining decision research and operations management with data-driven and evidence-based decision making that uses the latest developments in real-time data collection through Internet-of-Things (IoT). In addition, following the concerns for global warming, the notion of sustainable supply chains and logistics moved from being a research topic to being an industry mandate. Concepts such as designing for the environment, which adds additional constraints in developing new products and services, and life cycle analysis of the environmental footprint of products from design to disposal have been integrated into the design of supply chains and logistics operations.  



During my teaching and research career, I have delivered and researched actively in the field of operations and supply chain management, information technology and data science for business. After embarking on an engineering career during my stay in California, and the active participation in a start-up developing technology in the late ’90s that eventually found its way to millions of devices worldwide (, I joined INSEAD working in the field of sustainable closed-loop supply chains. Before joining The American College of Greece in 2012, I was a faculty member at McGill University and, later, at HEC Paris. During my tenure at The American College of Greece, I have led and developed new courses in Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, Data-Driven Decision Making and  Sustainable Supply Chains combining concepts from stochastic optimization, statistics, operational research, artificial intelligence for business and game theory. My reputation as a teacher led to a visiting appointment at the Indian School of Business, ranked among the  25 best business schools globally by the Financial Times and is the top-ranked institution in India. I have reviewed several papers in journals such as Production and Operations Management and the European Journal of Operational Research, among others. I have presented my work in various conferences worldwide and speak English, French and Greek. I code for my research and courses in R and Python.  


Journal Papers (accepted/under review) 

Installed Base Management vs. Selling in Monopolistic and Competitive Environments (with  Shantanu Bhattacharya, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove), European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 273, Issue 2, September 2018. (ABS 4) 

Procurement Policy for Humanitarian Development Programs (with Mahyar Eftekar, Andrea Masini, Andreas Robotis, Luk N. Van Wassenhove), Production & Operations Management, Vol. 23, June 2014. (ABS 4, FT50) 

Life Cycle Pricing for Installed Base Management with Product Remanufacturing and Constrained Capacity (with Shantanu Bhattacharya and Luk N. Van Wassenhove), Production & Operations Management, Vol. 3, March-April 2012. (ABS 4, FT50) 

Investing in Reusability of Products of Uncertain Quality: The Role of Inspection Capabilities, (Andreas Robotis, Tamer Boyaci and Vedat Verter), International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 140, 2012.(ABS 3) 

The Effect of Remanufacturing on Procurement Decisions for Resellers in Secondary Markets (Andreas Robotis, Shantanu Bhattacharya and Luk N. Van Wassenhove), European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 163, 2005. (ABS 4) 

Analyzing Variability in Continuous Processes (with Kumar Rajaram), European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 156, 2004.(ABS  4) 

Review of Sports Analytics by combining Text Mining and Bibliometric Analysis (with Christos Koulamas and Nickos Korfiatis), second-round review, Production & Operations Management. 

Contract types, institutional distance and capacity utilization. Evidence from global trade flows in the LNG industry (with George Batsakis and Christos Koulamas), under review, International Business Review.  

Performance Enhancement Evaluation in Football (soccer) Games by Feature Selection (withChristos Koulamas). Under review: Journal of Sports Analytics.  

Unraveling the knots of AI research and its application in the field of business and management_a systematic literature review based on bibliometric analysis and topic modeling, to be presented at BAM2021 Conference in the Cloud, 31st August – 3rd September 2021, British Academy of Management.