ACG 150

Christopher Brellis, MA

Visual Communication
Instructor and Program Coordinator, Graphic Design, Deree | Creative Director, Founder of Antidot Design Studio, Athens


+30 210 6009800 ext 1651


Royal College of Art
MA (RCA) Design Objects
1996 – 1998

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London
BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design
1993 – 1996

Research Area: Visual Communication

RTIN’s Visual Communication Area covers research activities related to the study, formulation, comparison and deployment of applied design methodologies, both in human-centric design research and towards the production of visual communication output that promotes innovation and creativity.

In terms of design research, the area covers the analysis and formulation of methodologies that pertain to the understanding of cognitive processes in the visual domain, as well as their interpretation, as influenced by cultural, technological and societal biases. Additionally, it covers the designer’s role and perspective as a cultural producer and mediator – looking into a reflective understanding of the role within a social, political and environmental framework.

Special area of interest is the digital space, where communication and social life are largely taking place. From online advertising, social media to UX/UI principles and practices, the visual communication area aims to expand and broaden the knowledge necessary to design and maintain an inclusive and uninterrupted digital experience. Similarly, the area focuses on applying digital technology in communication in immersive environments and experiential design, such as Augmented and Virtual reality spaces, 3D visualization and practices of digital imaging for commercial application and cultural institutions.

The area promotes interdisciplinary activities and collaboration with a broad spectrum of practices: other applied design practices, artistic endeavors, product and industrial design, as well as technical domains like production and development in physical and digital spaces.



Experienced in the deployment of creative, innovative, human-centric and data-driven design methodologies in communication, service and product design, so as to streamline applicable and effective design solutions. Knowledgeable in providing and managing design challenges on multiple frameworks: physical, digital and AR/VR. Understanding of Branding methodologies and involved in Go-to-Market strategies. Deep understanding of the aesthetic and social context surrounding the design and production of physical/cultural/digital products, as well as the corporate reality and the business issues at stake. Accumulated experience in 20 years of team, project management and creative leadership. Design educator in several universities and educational institutions for more than 8 years, achieving high student engagement with positive feedback and influence in curriculum formulation.

Experienced in: User-centric design / Creative strategy and direction / Management of multidisciplinary teams / Brand strategy / Convergence of physical and digital ecosystems / Campaigns and experiences (real + digital) / Project and Programme management / Planning and delivery of omnichannel works / Excellent communicator across teams and cultures / Design Thinking practitioner and advocate