ACG 150

Dr. Chrysanthi Nega

Associate Professor of Psychology at Deree -- The American College of Greece


Dr. Chrysanthi Nega is an associate professor of psychology at Deree — The American College of Greece. She has earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from City University, London, UK. She is teaching courses and supervising thesis, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, since 2002. In addition, Dr. Nega has held administrative positions as head and assistant head of the Psychology Department and she currently serves as Program Coordinator for the Graduate Certificate in Psychology program.  Her research and academic interests are in the areas of experimental methodology investigating topics such as memory awareness for facial stimuli, facial affect recognition, working memory, and moral decision making. In addition, she is involved in the prevention and intervention programs in school settings as well as program assessment and effectiveness evaluation methods.  She has presented in international and European conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. Since 2016 she is serving as a senior research coordinator to “Safe-Touches” Sexual Abuse Prevention Program delivered in public elementary schools.


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