ACG 150

Dr. Irene Karayianni

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, The American College of Greece


Dr. Karayianni is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at The American College of Greece, a fellow at the ACG Center of Teaching and Learning, and Affiliated Faculty at the Center of Excellence Food, Tourism & Leisure. She holds a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology from the University of Sussex and an Advanced Certificate in Strategic Pharmaceutical Marketing from EEFAM & University of Piraeus. Her research focuses on student engagement, educational AI applications, and memory awareness. Dr. Karayianni has professional experience in Marketing, Market Research, Consumer Psychology, Social Research, Business Analytics, and Organizational Psychology. She has worked in pharmaceutical companies, market research firms, and the Center for Renewable Energy Sources, focusing on consumer perceptions, employee engagement, marketing strategy, KPIs, forecasting, competitive intelligence, customer segmentation, new product development, mass media consumption, and brand image. She is a mentor at Women on Top, a peer reviewer for academic journals, and a member of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED), the Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) network, and the APA Society for the Teaching of Psychology.


Indicative Publications/Conference Presentations

Limogiannis Perakis, N. & Karayianni, I. (2024, July 21 – 26). Beyond the curriculum: Instructor characteristics, student engagement and academic performance. 33rd International Congress of Psychology, Prague

Karayianni, I. (2024, May 29-31). Enhancing student interactivity with think pair share using Quizizz. Kenyon What Works conference

Karayianni, I. (2024, February 12-16). Informal student feedback opportunities. APA Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Annual Conference on Teaching

Karayianni, I. (2024, January 16-18). Unlocking the Potential of AI Assistants. FRN Teach Share Conference

Karayianni, I. (2023, November 20). Greek students trust ChatGPT: study shows. To Vima.

Karayianni, I. (2023, May 5-7). Γνωστικές τεχνικές ενίσχυσης μάθησης και αποτελεσματικής μελέτης. 29th Scientific Conference of Hellenic Medical Students & 17th International Forum of Medical Students and Junior Doctors, Alexandroupoli

Goulia, M. & Karayianni, I. (2023, April 21). Instructor connectedness and immediacy: What is their role in student engagement?, VURC 2023 – Center for Interdisciplinary Writing and Research, Florida, USA

Cara, S., & Karayianni, I. (2023, April 21).  The relationship between student engagement, student-instructor rapport and peer support in college students. VURC 2023 – Center for Interdisciplinary Writing and Research, Florida, USA

Karayianni, I. (2023, January 17-19). Using classroom response systems to increase interactivity in an undergraduate Psychology course. Faculty Resource Network Teach Share Conference 2023, New York, USA

Karle, S. & Karayianni, I. (2022, October 5-9). Ακαδημαϊκός δικαιωματισμός, αυτενεργειακή ακαδημαϊκή δέσμευση και αυτοαποτελεσµατικότητα. 18th Panhellenic conference of psychological research (18 Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Ψυχολογικής Έρευνας – Ελληνική Ψυχολογική Εταιρία), Panteion University, Athens, Greece

Karayianni, I. (2022, October 30-November 1). The six sins of lecture slides. American Psychological Association – STP ITPC

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Kiranou, H. & Karayianni, I. (2021, September 2-3). Now you see me, now you don’t: Student engagement, student-instructor relationship and webcam use in synchronous courses. ESPLAT 2021: Teaching and Learning Psychology in Times of COVID and Beyond, Heidelberg University, Germany.

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