ACG 150

Haris Vlavianos

Professor of Modern European History and Politics, Deree – The American College of Greece



University of Oxford
D.Phil. International Relations

University of Oxford
M.Phil. International Relations

University of Bristol
B.Sc. Economics and Philosophy

Haris Vlavianos is Professor of Modern European History and Politics at Deree – The American College of Greece. A renowned poet and editor of the literary journal Poetics, he has published several collections of his own poetry, including Vacation in Reality (2009), which won the prestigious “Diavazo” Poetry Prize and Sonnets of Despair (2011). His latest poetic collection, Self-Portrait of White (2018), received the National Poetry Prize, the Poetry Prize of the Academy of Athens, the Critics’ Poetry Prize, and the Readers’ Poetry Prize. His highly acclaimed Hitlers Secret Diary: Landsberg Prison, November 1923December 1924 (2016), was translated into French, Dutch and Bulgarian, receiving positive reviews in Monde Diplomatique. Additionally, his The History of Western Philosophy in 100 Haiku was translated into English and French.

Professor Vlavianos has also published numerous books with essays on poetry and philosophy, and translated in book form the works of well-known American and European poets, including Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound, William Blake, John Ashbery, Zbigniew Herbert, Fernando Pessoa, E. E. Cummings, Michael Longley, Wallace Stevens, Adam Zagajewski, and Anne Carson. He has also translated T. S. Eliot’s, The Four Quartets and The Waste Land. Recently, his translations of Louise Glück’s, Virtuous and Faithful Night, Wild Iris and Winter Recipes from the Collective and The Triumph of Achilles were published to great critical acclaim. In addition, he has recently published a translation of a wide selection of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. For his contribution in promoting Italian literature and culture in Greece, the President of the Italian Republic bestowed upon him in 2005 the title of “Cavaliere”, while the Dante Society of Italy awarded him the “Dante Prize” for his publications on the Divine Comedy.


Select Publications

“The Greek Communist Party: In Search of a Revolution,” in Resistance and Revolution in Mediterranean Europe (1939-1948), ed. Tony Judt, London & New York: Routledge 1988

Greece 1941-1949: From Resistance to Civil War. The Strategy of the Greek Communist Party, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 1991

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Σονέτα της συμφοράς (Sonnets of Despair), Athens: Patakis Publications, 2011

The History of Western Philosophy in 100 Haiku: From the Presocratics to Derrida, Dublin: Dedalus Press, 2016

Hitler’s Secret Diary: Landsberg Prison, November 1923-December 1924, Athens: Patakis Publications, 2016

Urlaub de Wirklichkeit und Andere Gedichte (Vacation in Reality and other Poems), Berlin: Romiosini, 2018

Blut ist Wasser. Roman in 45 Akten (Blood into Water. A Novel in Forty-Five Acts), Berlin: Romiosini, 2018

Αυτοπροσωπογραφία του λευκού (Self-Portrait of White), Athens: Patakis Publications , 2018

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