ACG 150

Ioannis A. Vetsikas, PhD

Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Professor, Information Technology, Deree ACG | Self-employed independent contractor (self-owned company)


+30 210 6009800 ext 1147


Cornell University, USA
PhD and MSc, Computer Sciences Dept
1998 – 2005

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
Diploma of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
1993 – 1998

Research Area: Artificial Intelligence

RTIN’s Artificial Intelligence Research Area covers research activities related to the study, design, analysis, modeling, and prototyping of artificial intelligence for many applications, most notably related to autonomous intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. This includes (but is not limited) to the analysis of intelligent agents for a number of applications such as online trading and resource allocation, allocation and contracting of services, energy management and usage. A number of AI techniques are useful for this research, such as game and decision theory, optimization, simulations and modeling, search algorithms and algorithmic design. In addition, we are more recently interested in AI applied to games and (to a lesser degree) game creativity and game design.


Dr. Vetsikas has been a member of the Deree faculty since 2015. He teaches courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Programming. His research interests lie in the areas of Distributed AI, Multi-agent Systems and e-Commerce. He has published papers at the top conferences on AI and multi-agent systems. He conducts research on intelligent autonomous agents and examines the properties of the resulting multi-agent systems, investigating applications of these techniques in a number of areas, e.g., service procurement and electricity management, most recently regarding the charging and usage of electric vehicles. He is actively involved in the trading agent community. His agents have won the International Trading Agent Competition (TAC) on several occasions, and he served as general chair for TAC-10 and TAC-13. More recently, his interest has also shifted to include AI for games and game design. Furthermore, on his personal time, he is also a self-employed contractor working on multiple projects, either for other entities such as ICCS, NCSR “Demokritos” and others, or for personal company projects that involve research and development on IT and AI topics and games.


Selected Publications

[1] Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Ioannis A. Vetsikas, Ioanna Koromila, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Stavros J. Perantonis, AMINESS: a platform for environmentally safe shipping, In 7th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) 2014, Workshop on Assistive Technologies for Safe Operation Of Complex Technological Systems Including Industrial Sites, Shipping, Off-Shore Platforms And Mining Activities, Rhodes, Greece, May 27-30, (Pages: 45:1–45:8), 2014.

[2] Nikolaos Mavridis, Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Ioannis A. Vetsikas, I. Heldal, Pythagoras Karampiperis, G. Mathiason, Serge Thill, Kostas Stathis, Vangelis Karkaletsis, CLIC: A Framework for Distributed, On-Demand, Human-Machine Cognitive Systems, In CoRR, volume abs/1312.2242, 2013.

[3] Routis, M. Paraskevopoulos, I. A. Vetsikas, I. Roussaki, D. Stavrakoudis, and D. Katsantonis. “Data-Driven and Interoperable Smart Agriculture: An IoT-based Use-Case for Arable Crops.” In 2022 IEEE International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems (COINS), pp. 1-8. IEEE, 2022.

[4] Akasiadis, K. Panagidi, N. Panagiotou, P. Sernani, A. Morton, I. A. Vetsikas, L. Mavrouli, and K. Goutsias. “Incentives for rescheduling residential electricity consumption to promote renewable energy usage.” In 2015 SAI intelligent systems conference (IntelliSys), pp. 328-337. IEEE, 2015.

[5] I.A. Vetsikas and N. R. Jennings. “Bidding strategies for realistic multi-unit sealed-bid auctions.” Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 21 (2010): 265-291.