ACG 150

Metaxia Papageorgiou, PhD

DH Team Leader
Associate Faculty, Lecturer I in Archaeology, History Program Coordinator


+30 210 6009800 ext.1619


University of Athens/N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, Greece
PhD, Classical Archaeology/Archaeometry

University College London, UK
MA, Archaeology; MS, Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials
2002 – 2004

University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Ptychion, Archaeology and History of Art
1997 – 2002

Research Area: Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities 

The research area of cultural heritage plays an important role in preserving and providing access to all aspects and forms of human creativity and expression inherited from the past. It includes material elements from buildings to old photographs as well as immaterial components such as knowledge, practices, traditions, oral histories, performing arts. Today, the natural environment is also considered part of cultural heritage since communities identify themselves with the natural landscape. The application of computer-based technologies, for the study of various aspects of cultural heritage, in addition to digitization, has become an essential task in fulfilling the role of preservation of tangible and intangible world heritage for the generations to come. At the same time, the intersection between digital technologies and culture opens up new methods of teaching and learning as well as exciting opportunities for connecting the Humanities with the wider public.


I have been a faculty member of the Department of History, Philosophy and the Ancient World at Deree since 2016. I teach courses in the history and archaeology of Greece and Rome across the curriculum, and in conjunction with Study Abroad programs. As of September 2019, I also serve as Coordinator of the History Program. I have served as teaching assistant at the University of Peloponnese and as an organizing committee member for various international symposia. I have collaborated with renowned research centers including the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, and have participated in systematic excavations such as that of the Athenian Agora and Akrotiri, Thera. I have also contributed to salvage excavations for the Greek Archaeological Service. I have also worked as assistant to the Editor-in-chief for the Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry Journal and as Historical Editor for the digital encyclopedia of the Foundation of the Hellenic World. I currently serve as Board Member of the Hellenic Society of Archaeometry and as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

My research methodology aims at illuminating aspects of societal transformation and economy of the ancient Greek past by synthesizing archaeological, literary and scientific evidence. My current research interests include the historical documentation and the digital enhancement of Greek cultural heritage.