ACG 150

Nikolaos Lampas

Assistant Professor, International Relations and European Studies at Deree - ACG



University of Reading
PhD, International Relations and Strategic Studies
2011 – 2016

University of Aberdeen
MS, Strategic Studies
2009 – 2010

University of Piraeus
BA, International and European Studies
2004 – 2008


Dr. Nikolaos Lampas is an Assistant Professor in International Relations and European Studies at Deree – The American College of Greece. He is teaching courses in International Relations, Modern European History and Politics, and Global Markets and Politics.

His research interests include American Foreign Policy, the Middle East, the nexus between terrorism and migration, and causes of threat perception towards refugees. He has published one book, US and Rogue States: Iraq, Iran and North Korea (in Greek) and several articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Mediterranean Quarterly. His most recent publication in the series “Jean Monnet Papers on Political Economy” deals with the impact of Turkish Refugee Flows on the EU-Turkey Agreement of March 2016.