ACG 150

Nikolaos Ntetsikas



Democritus University of Thrace Polytechnic School
Master of Engineering – MEng (Integrated Master), Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2014 – 2020

Nikolaos Ntetsikas is a PhD candidate at Frederick University in Nicosia, Cyprus. He received his 5-year Diploma from the ECE School of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh), where his final project was to design a mm-Wave sized printed Rotman Lens antenna for sub-6GHz applications. He has a background in telecommunications, antennas, microwave engineering and signal processing. He has been a research assistant since January 2021, and has worked on an industrial project for 5G Indoor to Outdoor wireless communications in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs US. Currently, he is working on a project about energy-efficient ultra-reliable 5G IoT networks, for industrial monitoring. His research interests include channel modeling, signal processing for wireless communications, IoT networks, microwave theory and design, and antennas. He has been a co-author in one published article for the design of True Time Delay beamforming networks.


Co-author in a published-free access-journal “Design of True Time Delay Millimeter Wave Beamformers for 5G Multibeam Phased Arrays” in MDPI electronics,