ACG 150

Nikos Charalambides

Executive Director of Greenpeace Greece

Nikos Charalambides studied Physics, Meteorology-Oceanology and General Oceanography in Athens and Paris.

Since 1985, Nikos has been involved in nature conservation. He joined Greenpeace as an ocean ecology campaigner and later became the coordinator of the campaigns department. Since 2002, he has been the Executive Director of Greenpeace in Greece.

Nikos has been actively following the debate on energy-climate change for more than 20 years, focusing on solutions work and on social justice. Also, working in the direction of Green Development/Green New Deal, he focuses on the need to find solutions that will get us out of the multi-crisis (climate, financial and social) while showcasing concrete examples. His extra interests are in identifying synergies between humanitarian and environmental challenges.

He has been a Board Member in various bodies, such as the National Organization for Recycling, the Climate Action Network – Europe and a member of various Committees, such as the National Committee for Energy Planning.

Nikos has written several books and numerous articles on environmental protection, the role of civil society and NGOs, climate change, corporate responsibility, green development and sustainability.