ACG 150

Olivia Kyriakidou, PhD

Organizational Psychology
Assistant Professor, Organizational Psychology, Deree | Co-Ordinator of the MS in Organizational Psychology


+30 210 6009800 ext 1516


University of Surrey, UK
PhD, Organizational Psychology
1997 – 2001

London School of Economics, UK
MSc in Management
1999 – 2001

University of Surrey, UK
MSc in Social Psychology
1996 – 1997

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
BSc in Psychology
1991 – 1996

Research Area: Organizational Psychology

The Organizational Psychology research area covers research activities related to the following main research areas:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): We conduct research in order to understand how organizations can create diverse, inclusive workplace cultures and practices (in relation to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, disability, social class, religion), and how they can measure the impact of various DEI programs. We also try to understand how we can improve inclusion in a digitalized world and examine the challenges associated with digital misbehavior in the workplace. Our research interests on inclusion are currently expanded in the relationship between social inclusion and AI as we try to understand if and how people benefit from the data revolution in the cities, for example, how we can use big and open data to aid vulnerable groups in the cities and enhance urban participation.

Employee health, well-being, wellness and safety: We try to understand health and well-being issues in the workplace and guide organizations to invest in assisting employees in managing stress and overall well-being. Our goal is to design, implement and validate interventions and toolkits to promote mental health and well-being at work.

Psychology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Work: We explore the introduction of advanced analytics at work, investigating, for example, employees’ attitudes towards algorithmic decision-making at work, the sensemaking processes analysts use when they analyze data, the ways employees form relationships with the AI they work with or even the processes consumers use to accept automated recommendations from AI. We are also interested in understanding the psychological well-being of individuals who will be affected by the increasing automation of tasks through robots and algorithms, as well as the ethical questions raised by these technological innovations. Finally, we explore the implementation of AI in every aspect of work and personnel decision-making, such as hiring, training and development, retirement planning and compensation, as well as the assignment of individuals to specific teams for higher team performance.

Future of work and skills: We explore the skills that support the emergence of new jobs based on automation and AI, helping organizations and policymakers forecast future human capital needs and employees to adapt to technology-enabled changes in the workplace. We also aim to understand the gig economy and how platforms change the way people work and organizations manage them in terms of recruitment and selection, the employment relationship, and the legal hotspots of gig work.

The Psychology of Social Entrepreneurship



Dr Olivia Kyriakidou is the Co-ordinator of the MS in Organizational Psychology at the American College of Greece. She has been trained as a psychologist at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After completing her MSc in Management studies at the London School of Economics, she pursued her PhD in Organizational Psychology at the University of Surrey. Dr Kyriakidou has served as academic faculty in British and Greek Universities for more than 20 years, teaching at the graduate, executive and undergraduate levels. Her current research interests are focused on equality, diversity, and inclusion at work, with a special interest in remaking the contemporary world of world and employment due to artificial intelligence, technology, and automation. Her most recent research project involves exploring the impact of the growing diffusion of automation and artificial intelligence on specific groups (such as women and people from various ethnic and racial groups) in the workplace. Dr Kyriakidou has been widely published in many international journals, such as Organization Studies, Millbank Quarterly, Social Science and Medicine, and Work, Employment and Society, and has received more than 8,500 citations for her work. She has presented her work at a number of prestigious international conferences and has organized several conferences and thematic areas within major European conferences. Olivia has served as Associate Editor for European Management Review and a member of the editorial board of several academic journals. Her book titled “Diffusion of innovations in health service organizations: A systematic literature review” has won the international EHMA Baxter Award



Book Chapters

[1] Vassilopoulou, J., Da Rocha, JP., Seierstad, C., April, K., Ozbilgin, M., & Kyriakidou, O. (2016). International diversity management: Examples from the USA, South Africa and Greece. In J. Prescott (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Race, gender, and the Fight for Equality. IGI Global.

[2] Kyriakidou, O. (2015). Sociological and psychological perspectives on diversity. In S. Syed and Ozbilgin, M. (Eds.), Managing Diversity and Inclusion. UK: Sage Publications.


Journal Papers (Appeared / accepted)

[1] Groutsis, D., Vassilopoulou, J., Kyriakidou, O., & Ozbilgin, M. (2019). The ‘new’ migration for work phenomenon: The pursuit of emancipation and recognition in the context of work. Work Employment and Society. IF – 2.364, ABS 4.

[2] Vassilopoulou, J., Kyriakidou, O. Pascal da Rocha, J., Georgiadou, A., & Mor Barak, M. (2018). International perspectives on securing human and social rights and diversity gains at work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and in times of austerity. European Management Review, 16, 4, 837-845. IF – 1.6, ABS 3.


Recent & Upcoming Special Issues & Workshops

Guest Editor for Special Issues

[1] Vassilopoulou, J., Kyriakidou, O. Pascal da Rocha, J., Georgiadou, A., & Mor Barak, M. (2018). International perspectives on securing human and social rights and diversity gains at work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and in times of austerity. European Management Review, 16, 4, 837-845. IF – 1.6, ABS 3.

[2] Kyriakidou, O., Dedoulis, E., Kyriacou, O., & Ozbilgin, M. (2016). Equality, diversity and inclusion in accounting. Critical Perspectives in Accounting. IF – 2.528, ABS 3.