ACG 150

Spyridon Vassilopoulos

Science Lab Technician


Spyros is a Biologist and works as Lab Technician in the Deree School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. His main responsibilities include, among others, supporting students and faculty members in the Lab activities of the Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Studies Programs, managing laboratory inventories and maintaining the cell cultures in the Biology Lab.

He obtained his degree in Biology in 2008 from the University of Athens. He also has a Master’s degree in “Applications of Biology in Medicine” from the Faculty of Biology and the Medical School, University of Athens, obtained in 2011. His thesis was about cancer cell biology and more specifically it involved breast cancer primary cell cultures and the study of markers of metastasis.

Spyros has significant laboratory expertise in the following fields: Cell Biology and Cell Cultures, Immunofluorescence, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Organic Chemistry and Immunology. His research interests include Cancer Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences & Ecology, Immunology and Astrobiology. His work so far has been published in one scientific journal article and six conference papers.