ACG 150

Professor Stratos Tavoulareas

Energy Advisor, Professor at George Washington University, Founder and Treasurer of the Organization ARISTEIA

Prof. Stratos Tavoulareas has more than 40 yrs experience in the energy sector especially in power generation and transmission technologies, financing energy projects and power sector planning, policies and strategy.

Through his 43 years of experience he has worked in 80 countries around the world mainly through the World Bank Group; until 2019, he was the Global Power Sector Lead for the International Finance Corp.  In the last few years, he is working almost exclusively on decarbonization and energy transition.  He has worked for Combustion Engineering Inc. (presently part of General Electric), the Electric Power Research Institute, the World Bank Group, as well as his own advisory firm. Present assignments include decarbonization in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, India, South Africa and Vietnam.  Also, he is teaching financing renewables and integration in the power grid at George Washington University (Washington DC, USA).

He combines deep scientific understanding of energy technologies with extensive experience in energy and environmental policies, regulations and geo-politics that shape the energy ecosystem at the global, regional and local levels; also, energy economics and project finance.  He has spent the first part of his career on thermal power generation (mostly coal and natural gas) and the latter part on green technologies and policies aimed at mitigating climate change.  He has been involved in the development and commercialization of new technologies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. He is an engineer by training with graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration (MBA).

Furthermore, he is a recognized leader, strategic thinker and innovator with a demonstrated ability to operationalize new ideas.  He is an excellent communicator, team builder, motivator and highly trusted leader with impeccable integrity.