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Tim Ward, PhD

Music & Sound
Associate Faculty, Department of Music, ACG | Music, TV & Digital Media Studios, ACG


+30 210 6009800 ext 1661


University of York, UK
Doctorate, Electroacoustic Composition

University of York, UK
MA, Music Technology

University of York, UK
BA Hons, Music

Research Area: Music & Sound

RTIN’s Music & Sound research area has its principal base within the music department of ACG. It covers activities related to sonic arts and technology, composition, arrangement, music performance, music, moving image, and cultural and historical musicologies. Facilities used by the area include a wide range of acoustically excellent performance spaces, a notable collection of fine pianos (including two Steinway D models) and a dedicated recording studio complex (MTVDM, the Music, Television and Digitial Media studios) containing a range of high-quality audio and video equipment for studio use and external location activities. Collaborative work takes place with the wider professional music community of Athens as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with film production, video art and mixed-media arts.



Tim Ward specializes in sound art and electroacoustic music, with a particular focus on the use of innovative approaches to free improvisation with acoustic instruments via software systems (‘live electronics’) and the creation and use of field recordings.  He was a founder member of the sound art ensemble nerve8, who performed sound art via an innovative custom made sound diffusion system across the UK between 1995 and 2005, performing at larger music festivals (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, MediaMix, etc.) together with their own events focused on performing sound art in unusual spaces.  He is also a member of Spiza, contributing to their wide and extensive range of unusual performances mixing theatrical elements with contemporary music (including commissioned work for the Patras European City of Culture festival alongside numerous concerts and recordings). Lately, he has been active as a member of MedeaElectronique, with whom he worked on their extensive installation and performance events. These have included: an extensive series of commissioned pieces for the main program of the Onassis Cultural Center (the SoundscapesLandscapes sound art project, installed in the center since the beginning of 2014) alongside a large number of sound art installations, performance events and field recording activities that have been hosted by cultural institutions in Greece, Turkey, Italy and France. He has also worked within sound design for the moving image, collaborating with a number of visual artists on the recording and creation of experimental sound designs for their film projects. With his particular interest in live electronics used on stage alongside conventional acoustic musical instruments, Tim Ward has worked as a consultant on projects with a wide range of different ensembles, realizing the technical side of new commissions or recreating classic pieces from the post-1945 musical repertoire. This work has involved all of the leading contemporary music ensembles in Greece (Ergon Ensemble, Artefacts Ensemble, etc.) as well as venues such as the Athens Concert Hall, the Onassis Cultural Center and others.


Artistic Work, Artistic Residencies & Publications


The City Talks Back. Resident artist on the artistic research residency, co-organized by the Onassis Cultural Center and Theatrum Mundi. 11/1/2020 – 18/1/2020.



City Above, Life Below: Extended Reality Tour. Sound artist and smartphone app designer for the immersive extended media installation at the Onassis Cultural Center, as a member of the artistic collection Medea Electronique. Commissioned and funded by the Onassis Cultural Center.


Radio OCC. Sound artist commissioned to create an experimental radio program broadcast as part of the Radio OCC festival. Commissioned and funded by the Onassis Cultural Center.


Boarderline Festival 2018. Composer and performer in the festival of experimental electronic music. Co-organized and hosted by the Onassis Cultural Center and the Center for Music Technology and Innovation of DeMontfort University, UK. 18/4/2018 – 22/04/2018.


A Music Bridge Over Syngrou Avenue. Sound artist and sound designer in the realization of music involving live electronics, performed at the Panteion University as part of the Onassis Cultural Center program. Commissioned and funded by the Onassis Cultural Center. 24th January 2018.



Epitopou Artistic Residency.

Resident artist for the 2017 Epitopou artistic residency in Andros, Greece, resulting in a site-specific sound installation on the island. 08/7/2017 – 28/8/2017.


Chatzidakis In Pieces.

Creator and performer in the site-specific concert held at the conclusion of the 2017 meeting of the International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education, co-organized by the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece. 10/7/2017.


Listening to Music

Member of the faculty design team for the creation of an online asynchronous course introducing undergraduate college students to music. American College of Greece, September 2017.


Teaching Creativity

Seminar presentation on the history and evolution of creativity within music education. Delivered as part of the Teaching and Learning Center of The American College of Greece.


Fullbright Foundation – Greek Diaspora Fellowship Host

Host role in the successful application to the Niarchos Foundation Greek Diaspora Fellowships. Hosted Dr. Bill Manaris from UOC, USA for a project exploring curriculum co-development and collaborative research into interdisciplinary computing in the arts. June-July, 2017.



Soundscapes Landscapes – Rhizome II

Sound artist and smartphone app designer for the large-scale urban sound installation, as a member of the artistic collection Medea Electronique. Commissioned and funded by the Onassis Cultural Center. Running in-situ as part of the artistic season 2016-2017 of the Onassis Cultural Center.


Paper published in the Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Brisbane, Australia.

Benson, C. Manaris, B. Stoudenmier, S. & Ward, T. “SoundMorpheus: A Myoelectric Sensor Based Interface for Sound Spatialization and Shaping.” July 2016.


The Sounds of Kythera

Resident sound artist, location sound recorder and workshop designer for the long-term project. Funded by the European Union Cultural Fund. 21/2/2016 – 28/2/2016.*F


BEER Presents Dark Matter

Organizer of the 2016 visit of the Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research (BEER, University of Birmingham, UK) to The American College of Greece to run workshops and perform their project linked to the CMS science project at CERN. Funded by art@CMS as part of CERN. 9/06/2020.


Koumaria Artistic Residency 2016

Sound artist and co-organizer of the artistic residency. Part of the residency series organized by Medea Electronique and funded by the Onassis Cultural Center. 1/6/2016 – 20/6/2016.


Online & Blended Learning Course

Participant in the Online & Blended Training Course: Collaborative Tools, Design Principles & Effective Student-Centered Pedagogies course (40 hours) of the School of Graduate and Professional Education of The American College of Greece