ACG 150

Working Paper Series

Working Paper 1: From Fragments to Composition: The Origins of Economic Thought in Modern Greece

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Author(s): Michalis Psalidopoulos


Abstract: The present contribution sheds light on the period before and after the revolution of ’21 from the viewpoint of the history of economic thought.  We begin our investigation in the middle of the 18th century aspiring to throw light on the economic element of the neo-Hellenic spiritual movement in the process of its establishment.


Copyright 2022 by Michalis Psalidopoulos. Short sections of text may be quoted provided that full credit is given to the source.


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Author(s): Spyridon V. Branis


Abstract: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised the issues of energy security and availability in Europe. Around 30-45% of Europe’s natural gas demand has been historically imported from Russia. REPowerEU initiative (March 8th, 2022) has been designed to implement the reduction on gas from the region in parallel with the decarbonization process. In this paper, we present the initial EU plan rational, its short-term and long-term targets until 2030. The scenario of abrupt stop of Gazprom’s pipeline exports is discussed. Constraints on gas supply could result in an increase of coal power generation over the short term. Renewables and nuclear energy options are practically long-term solutions and their impact on Europe’s energy independence is discussed. The updated REPowerEU initiative (May 18th, 2022) is also presented. Its aims remain the rapid reduction of dependence on Russian fossil fuels, the acceleration of EU transition to a clean economy and the increase the resilience of the EU energy system. The key package of proposals and actions: save energy, diversify of energy imports, substitute fossil fuels through Europe’s clean energy transition process and smartly combine investments and reforms is presented. Finally the merits and critical points of REPowerEU ambitious plan are discussed.


Copyright 2022 by Spyridon V. Branis. Short sections of text may be quoted provided that full credit is given to the source.