ACG 150

Stemming from the collaboration of The American College of Greece and the Greek Energy Forum (GEF), the Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoELST) co-organized with GEF a series of Energy Information Seminars to update the ACG Community on the major issues concerning the energy sector and recent developments regarding the Energy Crisis and EU’s policies regarding Energy Security, Market Design, and Decarbonization.

The seminars were held online on October 14th, 17th and 18th and attracted the attention of more than 60 attendees from the ACG Community. During the seminars we explained:

A. The energy sector & markets:

  • Which are the basic elements of an energy system?
  • What is the EU’s electricity market design and mix?
  • How are energy prices formulated?
  • Energy Security, Strategy and Crisis issues in Southeastern Europe and Globally

 B. The ACG-GEF collaboration future activities:

  • Benefits for Faculty and Students
  • The energy crisis infographics project
  • The energy essays contest
  • The “Grilling the experts” energy conference
  • The Energy Transition Future Leaders Academy

For more information you may contact Dr. George Kokosalakis, Executive Director, Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping, and Transportation [email protected]