ACG 150

The American College of Greece (ACG) participated for the second consecutive year in the Interdisciplinary School for Environmental Crisis, held at Edipsos, Northern Euboea, organized by the ARISTEiA-Institute for the Advancement of Research & Education in Arts, Sciences & Technology, U.S. The event, spanning from December 16 to 22, aimed to educate emerging scientists in adopting an interdisciplinary approach to address the complex challenges of the current environmental crisis. Over 50 lecturers and students from 40 university departments across Greece, Cyprus, USA, Spain, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Great Britain were in attendance. The School commenced with the Policy Conference on Environmental Crisis, featuring discussions on health, economy, sustainability, and culture. Dr. Stella Apostolaki from ACG’s Center of Excellence in Sustainability participated in a panel discussing solutions for a water-secure future. Euboea was chosen as the venue to support the region in overcoming environmental, economic, and social challenges resulting from devastating fires. The ARISTEiA Institute, responsible for the academic and organizational aspects, plans to continue hosting the Interdisciplinary School in northern Euboea, aiming to establish the region as a global destination for scientific events related to environmental issues.

You can read more about the event here.