ACG 150

On September 7, 2023, Professor Constantinos Papadias, Executive Director of the Research, Technology & Innovation Network, participated in a panel discussion entitled “How the Greek Higher Education Would Adapt to the Future” at the 3rd Thessaloniki Future Thinking Dialogues event. The event’s overarching theme was “AI in Action: Transforming Business, Work, and Life,” emphasizing the growing influence of artificial intelligence in various aspects of society. The Thessaloniki Future Thinking Dialogues event, organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Greece), brought together experts, scholars, and thought leaders to explore the implications of AI and its role in shaping the future.

During the panel, Professor Papadias advocated for integrating AI into all levels of education and across various academic disciplines. He emphasized the need to prepare students for a future where AI technologies will play an increasingly vital role in various industries. His vision included incorporating AI into curriculum design, teaching methods, and research across Greek higher education institutions. Furthermore, Professor Papadias addressed several challenges and ethical considerations associated with the widespread adoption of AI. He highlighted the importance of the scientific community’s active involvement in addressing these challenges and ensuring responsible AI development and deployment.

In addition to his panel participation, Professor Papadias granted an interview in which he delved deeper into these issues, offering his expertise and perspective. The interview can be accessed here.

For those interested in watching Professor Papadias’ session during the event, the video is available on the AmCham Greece YouTube channel.