ACG 150

On April 3, 2024, ACG became the focal point for an enlightening exploration into the Greek economy, led by Yannis Stournaras, the Governor of the Bank of Greece. Organized by the Institute for Hellenic Growth and Prosperity in collaboration with the Economics Society of Deree – ACG, the gathering drew a diverse crowd that spanned students, faculty, and economics aficionados. Michalis Psalidopoulos, the Chief Consultant and Chair of the Advisory Board of the IHGP set the stage for a discussion that promised depth and insight, warmly welcoming all attendees and Governor Stournaras himself. As the session unfolded, Governor Stournaras took the audience on a journey through Greece’s economic landscape, covering its historical challenges, current achievements, and the promising trajectory ahead. This event underscored the resilience and progress of the Greek economy, offering a multifaceted look at its future through the eyes of one of its most prominent figures.

You can read more about the event here.